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 Once the colon and inner system is cleared and flowing regularly, you can begin your womb renewal process. Below are a few ancient methods and formulas that focus on the deep detoxification and nourishment of your precious womb space… gently, gradually, yet effectively.

Glossary of Herbs

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Fennel Seed
Foeniculum vulgare

  • Supports breast milk production

  • Rich in nutrients and volatile oils that cleanse and nourish the digestive, endocrine (hormones), reproductive, and respiratory systems

  • Very widely used in many traditions for many ailments - antimicrobial, helps dissolve tumors, eases cramps, anti-inflammatory, helps memory, protects DNA

Calendula officinalis

  • Speeds healing and soothes wounds

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Soothes skin conditions and injuries, burns, cuts, rashes, dermatitis and varicose veins

  • Soothes central nervous system

  • Cleansing and detoxifying, antimicrobial, liver support

Witch Hazel Leaf
Hamamelis virginiana

  • Classic astringent and anti-inflammatory herb

  • Tones and strengthens blood vessels, veins, mucous membranes, and skin

  • Mild antibacterial

Stellaria media

  •  high in minerals and vitamins

  • Creates protective barrier on mucous membranes of body (nasal passages, digestive tract, lungs, urinary tract, etc.) and soothes them

  • Cools and moistens inner body, relieving inflammation, arthritis, stagnant heat, fevers and dry, red, itchy, scaly skin conditions - such as eczema or psoriasis

  • Relieves chronic fatigue, anemia and helps recovery from long-term illness or surgery

  • Supports reduction and elimination of breast cysts, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids or lymphadema

Oregon Grape
Mahonia aquifolium

  • Rich in antibacterial alkaloids, used as a blood system cleanser and strengthener, antiviral, antimicrobial

  • Nourishes liver and gall bladder to improve digestion and skin issues

  • Supports elevated mood

Resources: Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine

IMPORTANT:  Immediately discontinue use of any of these treatments if you feel ANY discomfort.  These treatments are meant to feel luxurious, relaxing and life-giving.  Do not use if you are pregnant, have an IUD or other implant, or are menstruating.  Remove all piercings.  Please consult with your health care professional if you have any concerns.

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