by Luna Rain Botanicals

Belly Fat Buster Cleanse

Belly Fat Buster Cleanse will gently cleanse your entire internal body system and boost your metabolism with whole foods and herbs for healthy weight loss more info


Completely Refreshed Detox Cleanse

Completely Refreshed Detox Cleanse to gently yet effectively cleanse your entire body system with whole foods and herbs more info


Flush out built-up toxins, manage weight and prevent dis-ease with these carefully formulated cleansing programs.  They involve FEASTING exclusively on raw, fresh whole foods while following a regimen of gentle, cleansing herbs and daily essential cleansing habits (see table below). You will flush and refresh your entire body system in a short period of time without interfering with your day to day activities.  Please consult with your healthcare professional if you have any medical conditions.  For a cleansing program tailored to your specific needs, please book a consultation.


  • Dislodge and dissolve foreign growths
  • Addiction detox
  • Flush body fat that grows as a buffer for the inner organs against toxins
  • Dissolve crystals and stones that form in the filtering organs and joints of the body
  • Relieve and nourish the brain and nervous system, improving mood and mental clarity
  • Clear skin and eliminate body odor
  • Prepare for nature’s seasonal changes (less colds and allergies)
  • When starting a new life phase, to remove mental and spiritual blocks for focus and fresh ideas…
  • Shine, literally, with ease of motion, from a naturally centered self


Daily Habits During Your


Just get it down.  You need water for every bodily function there is.  Water is especially needed during a cleanse to deliver the herbal nutrients throughout your body and flush the toxins that are being released.  Squeeze in lemon juice (balance blood PH and dissolve internal sludge), soak fresh herbs like mint (internal coolant and deodorizer) and cilantro (detox heavy metals), or add chlorophyll (build oxygen in blood and tissues) for taste and extra health benefits.


…the more the better. The enzymes in raw fruits and vegetables dissolve and neutralize toxins while providing the body with fiber scrubbers and truly vibrant nutrition…the more you eat the faster and more thorough the flush.  Just research recipes for soups, salads, raw food dishes and experiment.  Plan your cleanse meals… at least 3 meals plus snacks per day… and prepare your mind for this feast.


A workout that makes you sweat and sustains an accelerated heart and breath rate, is detoxifying your body of stressful energy and physical toxins while making you stronger.  The deep breathing helps expel toxins through the lungs, you sweat out toxins through your skin, you’re stimulating the colon, and you’re activating toxin release through your lymphatic system as well.


Soak your body daily with fresh or dried herbs, clay, essential oils, sea salt, Epsom salts, baking soda and/or ground oatmeal.  The skin processes as much toxins as a kidney and can absorb essential minerals as well.  Water dissolves and soothes foreign, lower energies we may have been carrying around from emotions, other people, electronics, etc.  If you don’t have a tub, a daily foot soak during your cleanse will suffice.


Take time daily, especially during this cleanse to deliberately slow down your mind and focus on one simple thing such as the sound of your breath or your favorite affirmation.  When you do that you tap into the flow of ALL THAT IS which is life and love.  In that space you can then visualize your easy, gentle, life-giving, cleansing and rejuvenation process.  Meditation is necessary for replacing lower thought and other vibrations in the body with higher vibrations in harmony with life itself.  Trust LIFE… SHE loves you!


Brush your entire body, while dry, with a natural bristle brush or dry washcloth, gently warming and massaging your skin in circular motions always moving from your hands and feet towards the heart.  This stimulates lymph flow and increases immunity, as well as exfoliates the skin so that it eliminates more efficiently, and encourages collagen productions for healthy glowing skin.

...and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.

Ezekiel 47:12