Herbal Blend for Vaginal Insert


A Native American herbal blend made known today by Herbalist John Christopher, containing Squaw Vine, Slippery Elm Bark, Yellow Dock Root, Comfrey Root, Marshmallow Root, Chickweed, Golden Seal Root and Mullein Leaves. These herbs 1) draw out toxins, 2) breakup mucus and stagnant blockages and 3) nourish & strengthen the surrounding tissues, thus rendering your pelvic area uninhabitable by opportunistic scavengers that manifest in and as cysts, tumors, cancerous conditions, endometriosis, STD’s, infertility, hemorrhoids and more…

This is a 2 oz package of the powdered herbs to be used with your own castor oil pack AND you can also make a suppository with it using organic coco butter or coconut oil. Coco butter should be melted down so that it will mix well with the herb powder. Mix a small quantity of this powder, and wet to pie dough consistency with your organic coconut butter or coconut oil. Next, roll this into a tampon approximately the thickness of the middle finger and about inch-long pieces. Harden in a refrigerator. Then these are to be inserted into the vagina. Insert upon retiring and leave in all night, six nights a week. The coconut butter melts at body temperature, leaving only the herbs, and these are easy to douche out in the morning with a gentle rose, aloe, or apple cider vinegar tea (1/2 tsp per quart of water).

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Weight 2 oz