by Luna Rain Botanicals

Yoni Steaming Seat with Removable Legs

  • 13″ tall and 17″ wide, low enough to allow for a supported squat position which opens up the pelvic portals, yet high enough to support your weight
  • Hand-burnt with ancient Adrinka symbol ASASE YE DURU which stands for The Divine loving care that guides as Mother Earth and her creatures
  • Buffed and sealed with all natural orange oil and beeswax.
  • Easy screw-off legs for convenient storage and travel
  • Rubber pads under each foot for grip and padding
  • Contact us for custom wood burning designs

Yoni Steaming Seat

with removable legs

Shipping $25.00 flat-rate U.S.

Yoni Steaming Seat
without legs

  • Perfect for placing directly on top of a 5 gallon bucket of gently steaming Herbs and Crystals for Yoni Steaming
  • Rubber pegs on its underside secure onto the rim of your pot or bucket to help keep your seat in place
  • Great, lower cost alternative to the Yoni Steaming Seat with Removable Legs
  • Choose between Osram Ne Nsromma (Moon & Star, Harmony, Faithfulness in love) or Asase Ye Duru (Mama Earth’s Divine Loving Care)
  • Custom designs also available call 2LONGLIFE2 (256.645.4332) or email:  contact@lunarainbotanicals.com

    Yoni Steaming Seat

    no legs

    Shipping $15.00 flat-rate U.S.

    Clean and simple... I love my new yoni steaming seat... I'm telling all my friends...

    Imani Newton, Fort Lauderdale FL

    This is the best seat! Compare to other chairs...very comfortable.

    Satisfied Amazon Customer

    This is like is like my special throne...lol...It's my private goddess time 🙂

    Wendy Wilkins, Anaheim CA

    "My seat is so cute! They have friendly customer service too..."

    Senait Beine, Sunrise FL

    "This seat is essential for yoni steaming. It's super easy to use and then I can just store it in my closet."

    Fan Aye Sunlight, Atlanta GA